People who exercise and don't exercise, what's the difference 10 years later?

Exercise and not exercise, there really is a huge difference!

Recently, all of my friends are "surprised" by the news that Adele has successfully lost weight. After months of being "disappeared" on Facebook, she posted a latest photo, a black dress showing off her slim figure and a happy smile on her face. All of her friends congratulated her and asked for her "secret" to lose weight. For others, the weight loss may seem very ordinary, but for a girl who has weighed 108 kg for many years like her, this is an extraordinary thing. Many people envy her, because thanks to her beautiful body, she got a lot of good jobs, moreover, she was invited by some brands to be an advertising model. But perhaps they don't realize, behind that much-admired beauty, is the countless sweat and effort that she has persevered to achieve. I learned this through a friend. It is said that she kept her figure for 10 years. Although she doesn't have a fixed schedule, she will definitely exercise at least 2 hours a day, and 3 days a week. Her figure doesn't have a lot of muscles, but when someone else does 50 push-ups and gets tired, she can gently do 250 push-ups in a row without breathing heavily. Exercise is also a part of life, good looks are also one of the big plus points for work and life! Exercise, is the best investment! Those who persist in exercise, the body will become slim, have vitality, high absorption and metabolism, and stronger resistance. Not only that, people can also realize one thing, exercise can improve a person's bad mood, make them feel happy. In addition, it also helps to effectively prevent depression, insomnia, stress, stress. In short, people who maintain a fitness routine look younger, healthier, more mentally fit, and more beautiful than those who don't. American scientists took 35 years to conduct a series of experimental studies on 400 adults and finally came to the conclusion: "Those who persist in exercising their movement, intelligence and reaction capacity are clearly higher than those of the same age who are sedentary." In addition, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States also reported that: " Compared with people of the same age, people who are regularly active will have a 2% higher Hippocampus than normal people." Hippocampus is primarily responsible for storing, transforming, and directing long-term memory. It also means that, people who exercise for a long time, memory will be improved and enhanced, the probability of dementia in old age is also lower. If you want to lead a happy, active and healthy life, the best investment is exercise. Exercise is the cure-all! Recalling the previous high school class meeting, old classmates sitting around a table all exclaimed: "The years are really a sharp knife. When they were at school, all boys wore clean white shirts and looked full of energy. Now that they have entered middle age, there are many handsome boys from before. turned into beer-bellied uncles. Small, beautiful girls also gradually transformed into aunts and uncles in the neighborhood." The most changed is T., from a quiet, quiet girl who, thanks to playing sports, became much healthier and more open than before. Never use "busy" as an excuse for your lack of exercise. Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, although busy handling the company every day, still does not forget to make time to exercise in his private gym. Apple CEO always wakes up at 5am and starts exercising. This habit followed him for many years. Yukio Mishima also said: "Life is only once to live, why not appreciate the impermanent body that your parents gave you, and try to train it well?" Instead of admiring or envious of others who are in good shape, it is better to self-reflect and work hard. How much junk food did you eat today? How long have you been in bed today? Buy a gym pass, but how long has it been since you went? You must know, the best time to plant trees is 10 years ago. But it's not too late to do it now. Every drop of sweat you shed will never let you down in the future. Wish each of us have a healthy body, live a life full of vitality, free from disease, torture!


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