Lessons From A Martial Arts Teacher


“Much of your happiness or unhappiness is determined by your character, not by your circumstances.” - Martha Washington A 10-year-old boy decided to learn judo even though his left arm was lost in a car accident. He studied judo with a Japanese master. Because he believed that he had studied very hard and made progress, he wondered why after three months of practice, the teacher only taught him a single martial art. Finally, unable to be patient anymore, the boy asked the teacher: - Teacher, can't I learn other martial arts? He replied: - This is the only martial art I teach you, and it is also the only martial art that you need to learn. Although he did not fully understand the teacher's words, but believing in the teacher, the boy continued to practice. Months later, the old master took him to a judo competition. The boy was surprised to see that he won easily in the first two matches. The third match was more difficult, but after a while, the opponent lost patience in attacks, the boy skillfully used martial arts and won. Still amazed by his success, he confidently entered the finals. This time, his opponent was a taller, stronger and more experienced martial artist. Not long into the battle, the boy was repeatedly hit and completely overwhelmed by the opponent. At the end of the first half, fearing that the boy would be injured, the referee signaled to end the game early, but his teacher did not agree: Just let the boy continue. - Master requested. Immediately after the match restarted, the opponent made a serious mistake: he looked down on his opponent and let his guard down. Immediately, the boy used his unique martial arts stance to knock the opponent down and lock him on the floor. The boy won the championship. On the way back, the two teachers and students reviewed the fighting positions in each match. At this time, the boy mustered the courage to say what had been haunting his mind for a long time: - Teacher, how can I become a champion with just such a martial art? I won for two reasons. The teacher replied. - The first reason I have almost mastered one of the most dangerous and effective strokes of this martial art. The second reason, the only way your opponent can break the stance is if they have to hold on to your left arm - and you don't have a left hand. Sometimes, someone's weakness turns out to be their greatest strength. Having an advantage is a good thing, but being able to turn a disadvantage into an advantage is even more magical. Believe in yourself, you can do it all! “Turn adversity into opportunities to help you achieve greater things.” - Wille Jolley


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