8 Golden Time Frames For Body Detoxification

5-7 am: Detoxification time of the large intestine

If the large intestine is not properly detoxified and repaired, the accumulation of toxins to a certain extent will not only cause pimples to pop up on the skin, but also increase the risk of colorectal cancer. Therefore, try to have a bowel movement as regularly as possible, because the longer you wait, the more toxins will accumulate. If you're constipated, eat plenty of foods rich in crude fiber, such as oatmeal and whole-wheat bread. Or combined with the habit of massaging the colon meridian, it has a very good effect on defecation and maintaining the smooth functioning of the large intestine.

7-9 am: Stomach detox time

The stomach is the largest digestive organ of the human body. It has the function of storing, transporting and digesting food. Therefore, you can use kneeling position in the morning to practice belly breathing. Persevering every day can promote blood circulation in the stomach, improve metabolism, and enhance the digestive function of the stomach. In addition, the food for breakfast should be rich, and it is best to eat some foods that nourish the stomach, such as peanuts, walnuts, apples, carrots, etc. Besides, you can also drink some black tea and honey water, which is also very good for the stomach. Keep a good mood, because bad emotions like stress and anxiety can also irritate the stomach.

11am-1pm: Heart detox time

The heart is the core controller of all organs in the body. Eating some foods for lunch, such as longans, can nourish the spleen and heart. This time is also the peak period of heart rate, so do not exercise vigorously. If you can take a nap, that's more beneficial for heart detoxification.

1 - 5 pm: Time for detoxification of the small intestine and bladder

The small intestine works, sending water to the bladder and waste to the large intestine, the most quintessential nutrients will be supplied to the spleen. When the human body does not drink enough water, the motility of the small intestine will be reduced and this "classification" will not be optimal. Not only will the nutrients not be delivered in time, but the garbage will not reach the large intestine in time. During this time, you can do some simple exercises, such as kicking your legs, which can stimulate the small bowel meridians and make the small intestine move better. You can also drink plenty of water to speed up bladder detoxification.

5 - 7 pm: Time for kidney detoxification

When the kidneys have accumulated toxins, it is mainly manifested in facial or body edema and increased fatigue. This time frame is the best time of day to exercise, which will help speed up kidney detoxification. Jogging and brisk walking are good forms of exercise. In addition, twisting the body to affect the back and waist is also a good exercise, can stimulate the kidneys and act as a massage. You can eat black fungus and kelp/seaweed for dinner, it can not only tone the kidney but also provide optimal detoxification effect.

7 - 9 pm: Time for pericardial detoxification

Our heart will slowly heat up and so on over time. When this toxin is not released, it interferes with sleep and causes chest tightness and tingling. During this time frame, it is also a period of strong blood circulation. You can pat the pericardium, or pat the shoulder and elbow area to detoxify, thereby effectively enhancing the blood supply to the heart and blood circulation to the brain. In addition, you can massage the middle finger, since the middle finger corresponds to the pericardium.

9 - 11 pm: Detoxification time of the lymphatic system and endocrine system

Remember to relax and maintain a good mood during this time. In addition, you can also pay attention in combination with some neck massage, or extreme acupressure in the armpits, which is very helpful for lymphatic detoxification.

11pm - 5am the next morning: Time to detox for bile, liver and lungs

Detoxification of the gallbladder, liver and lungs needs to be done under good sleep, so quality sleep is very important. The following ways can be used to improve sleep quality, allowing the bile, liver, and lungs to get enough rest to flush out toxins.


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