10 Signs You're Overloaded At Work And Need An Immediate Rest

1. Always think: "I only have 24 hours to get the job done"​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Are you the type of person who complains that you don't have enough time to get everything done for the day? Are you always busy with your eyes and nose, overwhelmed with work and unable to get out? If you continue like this, you will only be left behind forever. Of course, life has thousands of burdens on your shoulders, but very few of them really work. 2. Social relationships don't seem to exist If this is true for you then you are in urgent need of a vacation. Do you know what the last regret of those who are about to leave this world? That is not spending time with friends and family . Don't you want to be like that too? If you are missing out on memorable occasions to spend time with friends, forget your children's birthdays or don't think at all about family memories, a little time off will free you from the hustle and bustle of life. It will be a tonic before your body really " collapses ". 3. A little change frees yourself from bondage Are you the flexible type? Or do you hate change? Change will give you the opportunity to enjoy life from different perspectives . However, if you keep fidgeting, wallowing in your comfort zone instead of trying to change even once, then you'll find yourself getting annoyed with any small change like changing your day. meeting, change the wallpaper color in the office, for example. It's not superfluous to allow yourself to relax a little . 4. When you have to work too much overtime The delivery staff is so used to you calling to order dinner to the office? Or do you always tell yourself that you will try to get the job done tonight so you don't have to work any more tomorrow night? If you really can't take 30 minutes to relax and eat, don't ask why you broke down. Again you need to remember that health is always the most important thing . Plan a “ no connection ” day off. No email. No calls. Don't think about to-do lists. A perfect day for yourself. 5. No longer spend as much time taking care of themselves as before It's been a long time since you've had time for yourself or caused yourself to be " injured ". Have you used to go to the gym or take a yoga class 5 days a week, but now have to give up because work is too busy from morning to night? If free time is too expensive, you should try some simple exercises during a break of about 20 minutes. Remember to balance sleep and exercise. 6. The phone ringing makes you angry The continuous ringing of the phone shows the busy work intensity of the owner. You feel like it " never stops ". Whether it's calls from your boss, partner or even a friend you haven't seen in a long time, it makes you feel uncomfortable, just want to throw the phone away. All you need right now is a pleasant conversation with a close friend or anyone you can comfortably rely on . 7. Past hobbies are now an obstacle to the eyes Hobbies and jobs that you once loved are now more like an obligation to be fulfilled . Everything now is only done because of obligations and responsibilities, not feeling excited and happy. You can't seem to escape from that exhausting reality. As AJ Leon puts it: “ I have met many cases of entrepreneurs leaving their jobs that felt like a prison only to find that the door is now locked from the inside and they are the ones holding the key. key ". Work imprisons you. The world leaves you. You no longer feel pleasure and happiness. 8. Constantly check your email Before you go to bed and as soon as you wake up, what you do is check your email. You are experiencing stress if you are. And worse, if you constantly check your mailbox 24/7 , it's really a disaster for the body's tolerance limit. To-dos are something that floods your mind. You don't have a moment of real peace. It's time to take a break now. 9. Coffee is a companion - 3 times a day​ You can't live, survive without coffee? You need it every morning, noon, afternoon, evening and whenever stress hits? You know what I mean. Coffee is not a miracle cure that you can use indiscriminately forever. 10. Home is a distant term Your roommate seems to forget your presence. They only get monthly rent but never see you. Or the room is always messy because its owner is rarely at home. The refrigerator is empty, unfolded or unwashed clothes are piled up in the drawers, the kitchen cabinets are empty, and the food is expired. That place to you really doesn't match the definition of home at all. You feel that even your breath smells like work . It's time to take the time to check for these signs again. It could be a week off if you show these 2 signs. If you experience all 10 of the above signs, then you need to rest, go on vacation and change this lifestyle immediately. Because only you have these " scary " things and this is how you want to live?


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